Hey there! I love improv and haven't taken classes in a while, so I thought I'd jump back into it. This week I started Improv 101 at Los Angeles' Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB) with Will Hines. This is the same comedy club that was founded by great comedy legends from Chicago, like Amy Poehler and Matt Walsh.
So far so good - the people in my class are a lot of fun and just as passionate as I am. Our class culminates with a showcase performance on March 22nd, so stay tuned!

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I just starred in "City of Angels", and you can check it out at 

City of Angels
Written and Directed by Athang Rathod
Produced by BP Rathod

Alice Cladingboel: Caitlin Michael Riley
Joe Cornfield: Gio Randazzo

I've just recently uploaded a couple of clips from this film in my Media section too :)